Do you love archery? Then Bowman is right up your alley! This simple yet fascinating flash game delivers some of the most challenging and exciting archery levels available! It features simple, yet entertaining graphics, easy to use controls, challenging tasks to complete, and so much more! Test your skills and try out Bowman for yourself.

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Playing Modes and Objective

The original Bowman includes three different playing modes: Practice mode, Player vs Computer mode, and Player vs Player mode. Practice mode is pretty straight forward. If you’ve never played Bowman, it is a good idea to try out this mode first, to get a better understanding of how to play the game. Once you’re confident with your virtual archery skills, you can then enjoy the everlasting fun of Player vs Computer or Player vs Player modes.

Player vs Computer and Player vs Player each offer an interesting spin and hours of enjoyment. Unlike in Practice mode where you are aiming to hit a target board with your arrows, in these two modes you are aiming at an opponent – either a computerized player or another real player! This is where you are really put to the test! Your goal is to accurately shoot your arrows into your opponent in order to win! Think you can handle that?

Tips and Tricks

Are you having a difficult time getting the hang of the controls? Here’s a few tips to help you along the way!

  1. Shoot your first few arrows randomly, to get an idea of the location of the target or player.
  2. Once you’ve detected how close your first few shots are, you can then use the degree symbols to calculate the desired distance and height for your next shot. There are two degree symbols that appear when you click and drag your mouse, so pay close attention!

Bowman 1

Setting Options

Unlike some archery games, Bowman offers a variety of settings that players can adjust to suit their playing style and skill. For instance, a new player may prefer there to be no wind interference, to better help them learn how to properly gauge the distance of their shots and make the game a little easier. However, a more skilled player may enjoy turning on the wind settings to allow for a more challenging playing experience. In addition to the wind settings, players can also choose to toggle on or off the index and add or disable a wall barrier between themselves and their opponent, as well as choose from 5 different vitality settings. Vitality settings allows you to choose how many perfectly shot arrows it takes to win a match.

Hacks and Cheats

If you’re still having difficulty learning the game, or just want to make the game a little more interesting, there are plenty of hacks and cheats available to help you along.

  • No gravity
  • Larger arrows
  • Opponents arrows are unable to hit you.

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