Bowman 2

Bowman is back and better than ever in Bowman 2! Pick up your bow and arrows and test your skills in this thrilling archery game. Do you have what it takes to defeat all of your opponents?

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Instructions and Controls

Bowman 2 is an easy to play game where you use your mouse to control the direction of your arrows. Simply press and hold anywhere within the game screen and drag your cursor in any direction to determine the distance of your arrow and the strength of your shot. Your objective is to accurately shoot arrows at your target or opponent in order to win the game!

Skill Levels

There are three modes available in Bowman 2, each one progressively harder than the last. The practice mode is a great tutorial for beginner skill levels and new players. In the practice mode you begin by learning how to aim and shoot your arrows to near perfect precision. When you’ve mastered this, you can move on to an advanced stage – the player vs computer mode. In this mode you use all the skills you’ve learned in the practice mode to compete against the computer to win match after match. Once you feel confident with this, you can advance to the most difficult level – the player vs human mode. You will play against yourself using two archers on opposing sides. The side with the most perfect shots wins!

Bowman 2

Mini Games

Are you tired of shooting at wooden targets and other archers? Then check out the new mini game in Bowman 2 – Bird Hunting. In Bird Hunting, you can test your skills by trying to kill as many flying birds as possible. But watch out! If you miss you may find your arrow flying back down in your direction!

Hacks and Cheats

Want to make your gaming experience a little more interesting? Try out some of these cheat codes that will not only be sure to make the game a little easier, but will also enhance your enjoyment and love of Bowman 2.

  • Press the number 1 key to increase the amount of gravity up to +0.5
  • Press the number 2 key to decrease the gravity down to -0.5
  • Press the number 3 key to set the gravity to a perfect 0
  • Press the number 4 key to reset the gravity back to the default settings
  • Press the number 5 key to add an additional hit point to your archer
  • Press the number 6 key to remove a hit point from your archer
  • Press the number 7 key to add an additional hit point to your opponents archer
  • Press the number 8 key to remove a hit point from your opponents archer

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