Bowman 3

Your favorite virtual archer is back and includes more challenging levels than ever before! Dive into the exotic world of Langlia in Bowman 3. Make sure you’re carrying your trusty bow and arrow though, so you can hunt some small game and reap endless rewards!

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Bowman 3 features a great new way to play compared to previous versions. In this version you are embarking on a mission. Each level has a set of goals you need to achieve in order to continue to the next level.

For instance, in level one you need to shoot 5 birds flying above you. Each bird you accurately shoot down will reward you with a certain number of points. However, in level two, you must accurately shoot 10 birds nesting in a tree. In level three, you need to shoot 12 soda cans off wooden beams at a distance of 200 yards and in level four you are hunting 5 red-tail squirrels.

There is a total of 15 levels in Bowman 3. As you play each level, you are earning score points. Earn a high enough score to place your name on the High Scores board for instant fame!

Character Options

Unlike Bowman and Bowman 2, in this fun and interactive game you can now choose to play as a male character or a female character. In addition, you can customize the look of your character by choosing between a variety of hairstyles, beginner clothing and shoes, and other accessories.

Bowman 3

Game Shop

In addition to gaining high scores, you are also earning a stack of cash to be able to spend in the game shop!  However, earning the cash to purchase these items may be a little more tricky. For each perfect shot you make, you are rewarded with $100, but if you miss a shot, your bank is deducted $10 per missed shot.

In the game shop, you can purchase basic items such as new bows and better arrows, but don’t get stuck on just those! In addition to these items, you can also find other items like scopes, power boosters that increase the intensity of your shots, as well as a wide variety of clothes and accessories for your archer.

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Beginner Tips

Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you get started on your adventure in Bowman 3.

  • Play the practice mode first to practice shooting accurately before embarking on the missions that begin in level 1.
  • At the beginning of level 1, you start with $200 in your bank. Try to aim accurately so that you don’t lose all your beginner cash! Once the cash is at $0, if you miss again, that ends your game and you start all over from the beginning, regardless of what level you have reached. (There is no save option in Bowman 3)
  • Your first purchase from the game shop should be a more powerful bow and extra arrows. Your bow is important for determining the distance your arrows can travel, and what type of animals or targets you can kill.
  • When shopping for bows and arrows, place your cursor over each item to read the descriptions. The descriptions will tell you what type of targets each item works best for, as well as other helpful information.

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